Tuesday, January 21st, 2003

Out Of Tune

Slow day. Spent most of this evening researching guitar tuners. I need a new one, so, uh, I did some research. About what was out there and how much they cost. Y’know. Yeah, told you it was a slow day.

Cold day, too, but that doesn’t really merit further exposition.

New music find – Rilo Kiley got a writeup in the new Magnet. A couple sample tracks on their website and I am hooked.

New Rainer Maria came out today – Long Knives Drawn. Caitlin is all glammed up in their new promo photos. Their label has put together a promotional website for the album, with it’s own URL and everything. Fancy. www.longknivesdrawn.com.

np – Unrest / Perfect Teeth

By : Frank Yang at 11:59 pm
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