Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003

One PM Again

Yo La Tengo is coming to Canada in April. Details forthcoming. They also have copies of their The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science available on their website for $10 US, way cheaper than how much it is in stores up here. I may have to order me up one.

It appears that we will be getting to perform at a Wavelength sometime in the upcoming months, it’s just a matter of scheduling. This is very exciting, and also means we need to get our shit together lickety-split. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t use the words ‘shit’ and ‘lick’ in the same sentence. This also means that we’ll need some sort of photo for the monthly zine… hopefully I will have better hair than the toque-head I am sporting today.

np – Mogwai / Rock Action

By : Frank Yang at 1:04 pm
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