Wednesday, January 1st, 2003

One Beat

Again, Happy New Year. My New Year’s Eve was pretty quiet. Went to catch a late afternoon showing of Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, then watched Behind Enemy Lines on DVD followed by the Leafs / Canucks game. That took me to around 12:30. A little reading, then to bed. Suits me fine.

Dangerous Mind was okay… I was expecting more, but it was just alright. George Clooney acquitted himself nicely in his directorial debut – it was stylish and had personality, but never overwhelmed. Sam Rockwell was terrific as Chuck Barris. I found that I couldn’t take the CIA assassin bits too seriously, and not just because they were probably fictional. Even though the movie plays it all as fact, it doesn’t manage to overcome the unbelievability of the premise, and I didn’t go in as a skeptic thinking, “There’s no way this could have happened”. They couldn’t convince someone who wanted to believe. Still, I have the book on hold at the library, it should be an interesting read anyway. And I think Rockwell beats Kevin Bacon’s record for most gratuitous naked butt shots in a single film. Geez.

Behind Enemy Lines was pretty awful. Dull, brainless and unrelentingly macho. Heavy-handed and just BAD direction from some guy who’s previous claim to fame was directing a commercial or something. Terrible soundtrack, in both song selection and application. There are two Owen Wilsons – the one who writes and produces terrific films like Rushmore and The Royal Tennenbaums, and the one who makes crap movies to finance the first Owen Wilson’s projects. This is SOOOO the second Owen Wilson. Yeck.

Finally, a 2003 concert date that I’m interested in! Sleater-Kinney are at the Opera House on February 17. Yay.

The Longwave album has apparently been pushed back a month to March 18. Boo.

I have to go back to work tomorrow! Boooooo.

np – Beth Orton / Daybreaker

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  1. william says:

    the canucks /leaf game blew. at least if you are a vancouver resident !