Friday, January 3rd, 2003


It’s still snowing snowing snowing out there. And of course, in Toronto, snow almost instantly turns to slush as soon as it hits the ground. I may have to break out my boots.

This two-day week has messed me up… yesterday felt like Monday, for obvious reasons, and I can’t figure out what today feels like. It feels like one of those days in high school where it was snowing so much that they cancelled the buses but kept the school open. Since I was one of those who’d rather hang out at school with a few people than sit around at home by myself, I’d make the trek in and inevitably end up sitting around the chemistry lab watching Terminator and playing cards with Mr Picone. Except today, I’ve hiked in and still have to work.

Stephanie has made me a little snowman in a bowl and put him in Mark’s seat across from my desk, since I’m the only one in the Fishbowl today. I now get to watch this little simulacrum melt away into nothing over the course of the afternoon.

Brian Eno has a nice little rant against America in American Empire As Gated Community.

NEWS – Spoon and Ben Kweller will be on PBS’ Austin City Limits this month. In the Toronto area, it’s on Friday, January 17 at 11:30 PM on WNED channel 17.

UPDATE – I fixed the Eno link, I noticed the one I had was dead. Hopefully the new one will stick around. I hate dead links.

np – Dinosaur Jr / Green Mind

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