Thursday, January 16th, 2003

Keep All Your Windows Tight Tonight

I think days where I don’t go home after work take an abnormal amount out of me. I am way bushed. After work, I was going to meet Kyle and Fran for dinner before they went to the home show (!), so I picked up Sleater-Kinney tickets and also found East River Pipe’s Poor Fricky. I had never actually heard any ERP before, and bought it on a hunch. Good instincts – very cool and lush pop songs with a charming lo-fi edge.

I handed off another stack of CDs to Kyle, the last of his Boxing Day purchases (made by proxy – me), and got to borrow the first season DVDs of 24. Just have to find myself a day-long block of time to sit down and watch television!

After dinner, went straight to band practice – we sounded much better than on Monday, I’m glad to see that last rehearsal was an aberration. Went through the five or six songs we did with Clay before and they were sounding much better so we tried out a new one. “Radial Tires” will be our big breakthrough hit, you heard it here first. That, or we’ll be sued by Syd Barrett. Either way, noteriety, and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

np – The Pernice Brothers / Australia 2002

By : Frank Yang at 11:05 pm
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  1. Paul Cox says:

    I recently got turned on to East River Pipe as well. Why, oh why did I wait so long? F.M. Cornog is one of "those" guys (I don’t throw the term genius around all willy nilly, y’know).