Thursday, January 2nd, 2003

Go Easy, Step Lightly, Stay Free

First day back at work… been more productive than I’d anticipated, which is good. The only real downside is realizing that my next holiday, unless I spontaneously decide to use vacation days, is Easter. That’s, like three and a half months from now! Oh the humanity.

Having a hell of a time using the normal keyboard I have here at work, having gotten used to the natural keyboard I’m using at home. Everything is so cramped. My hands aren’t used to bumping into each other on the keyboard, they’re confused and angry.

Another New Year’s resolution – always keep a toothpick on me. Had a steak sandwich for lunch, and DAMN these wisdom teeth and the little hiding places for food that they create…

np – The Clash / Give ‘Em Enough Rope

By : Frank Yang at 2:41 pm
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