Friday, January 10th, 2003

Get Back

Well THIS is exciting. 500 tapes of Beatles sessions, including unreleased material, which was stolen in the 70s have been recovered. It’s from the aborted Get Back album, circa 1969. I’m very anxious to hear what the plans for this material is, though with only Paul and Ringo left, I wouldn’t be shocked to see everything credited to “McCartney/Starkey”… Full story here. I only hope some gets a restraining order to keep Jeff Lynne away from these.

So we found and injured starling in the hallway outside our office this afternoon. It must have gotten into the building through a vent and injured itself against a window or something. It was pretty dazed at first, and seemed to have a broken leg at the least. After an hour or so, it got more animated and began cheeping incessently. It’s in the humane society’s capable hands now. My brother’s girlfriend was particularly interested as her family had a pet starling when she was young and I think it lived to be 18 or some ridiculous such age, and could talk. How about that.

There is currently discussion about bringing another band into the rehearsal space. It could make things a little more crowded, but would also reduce everyone’s rents. There are also some promising leads in the drummer search. Here’s hoping.

New trailer for the Daredevil movie is up. It’s out in just over a month… and it just looks worse and worse. Now they’ve made the mistake of including dialogue in the trailer. I wince. It’s that bad. Whatever voice Ben Affleck is affecting to sound gritty? Um, no. Alls I can say is May 2… X2.

np – Built To Spill / Live

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