Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

Ears Ring

Right now, Polyvinyl Records is selling copies of the new Rainer Maria disc, Long Knives Drawn, on their website with a neat bonus – For an extra $2, you can get a CDEP of their first single, “New York 1955″, and the first 500 orders get a 7” of their latest single, “Hell and High Water” for free. I hope I’m one of those lucky 500… never mind that I don’t have a record player, that’s not the point.

One of the big stack o’ comics Kevin lent me were Powers, by Brian Michael Bendis. Kevin and Vic have raved at length about this guy’s work, and I’ve read some of his run on Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man, and while it was okay, it wasn’t worthy of the hosannas. Well Powers is. Very impressed, yes I was. It’s about cops who investigate superhero/villain-related homicides, with a real film noir feel to it, courtesy of artist Mike Avon Oeming. It’s good squishy.

Mark has lent me a copy of Freedom Force, my video game moratorium may be coming to an end. I also have Hedwig And The Angry Inch to watch tonight… I will start it at 8:45PM – I will watch the Angry Inch while everyone else watches the Angry Bush.

np – New Order / Power, Corruption And Lies

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