Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003


This was my evening – sitting cross-legged on my floor, safety glasses on, power drill in hand, gouging out holes in an Altoids tin.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I used the Dremel more than I did the drill. What prompted this festival of arts and crafts? Building a little power distribution box for my pedalboard. Okay, that’s a fancy name for a simple device. The new power supply I have on order ends in a male plug. The daisy chain I will be powering all my pedals with also ends in a male plug. The two male plugs do not fit in one another (please, no comments…). I need a female-to-female adapter to make everything fit (hush!). So I bought a couple of panel mount DC power jacks, took a vacant Altoids tin graciously donated by Mark, and mounted the jacks on the lid of the tin. Wired them up, et voila – I can connect the power supply with the daisy chain. On top of that, it looks cool and I can use the inside of the tin to store stuff like batteries. Or weed. If I had any weed. Or knew what to do with weed. Anyway. The power supply should be here by the weekend, and if I get a new tuner on the weekend I should have the final (yeah right) iteration of my pedalboard ready to go by next week. I’m also going to hit the thrift stores this Saturday looking for a suitable sized suitcase for toting the board around.

I realize no one cares about this, but I’m rather proud of it. Not too many of my electronics-related ideas works on the first try, if at all.

np – Mogwai / 4 Satin

By : Frank Yang at 11:59 pm
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