Wednesday, January 8th, 2003

Confusion Is Nothing New

Here’s the skinny on the Uncle Tupelo reissues, out on March 11. Looks to be remastering, about a half-dozen bonus tracks on each album and extensive liner notes from noted rock scribes.

Picked up the trade paperback for Y – The Last Man tonight. It’s the new flagship Vertigo title now that Preacher is done. The premise of the title is that everything bearing a Y chromosone in the world suddenly dies, with the exception of one Yorick Brown. The paperback collects issues 1 to 5 and the series is only on issue 6, so hopefully they’ll keep publishing the collections but a month or two behind as I’d like to keep up with things but don’t want to be buying any more individual issue comics than I currently am.

I’m leafing through a University of Waterloo Engineering alumnus magazine that had been sitting in the junk mail pile for maybe months… there’s a Class of ’99 reunion set for June 5, 2004. How fascinating. I must be sure to forget to go.

np – Beachwood Sparks / Once We Were Trees

By : Frank Yang at 10:19 pm
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  1. Victor Ng says:

    You forgot his monkey. Yorrick has a male monkey sidekick.

    No comic is complete with the sidekick.