Friday, January 17th, 2003

Cold Snap

The weather forecast calls for highs of -15 Celcius for at least the next five days. I am never going outside again.

By : Frank Yang at 7:50 am
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  1. ian says:

    Come now. You’re complaining about -15°C? Why, back when I was a young child my sister and I would wait for the school bus at the end of a 150 metre long driveway on a country road in weather colder than this. If the wind was blowing, we would stand with our backs to it. If there was no wind, we would keep our legs moving so they wouldn’t freeze up. Sometimes on those days the bus wouldn’t come for ten, fifteen, maybe twenty minutes. Sometimes it wouldn’t come at all.

    Minus fifteen is nothing! Let me know when it’s -40 with the wind chill then I might start to worry.

  2. Frank says:

    Okay tough guy, you walk face-first into the wind for 20 minutes from St. Andrew’s station to King and Brant.

    I am staying home this weekend and watching <i>24</i>.

  3. ian says:

    Damn kids today! Global warming has made you soft! Soft, I tells ya!

  4. Willy says:

    fuck you all. it’s -36 w/ the wind chill in saskatoon. frank – what did i do wrong to deserve this punishment?