Sunday, January 5th, 2003

Certain Stars

So I’m working on some freelance stuff that I’d been slack on for, oh, a couple months now… funny how working on the weekend becomes so much less tolerable when you have an actual full-time job. Still, this is just a load of documenting and commenting for a long-term client, and I should have done it ages ago. It’s a little painful wading through code I wrote almost a year ago – I’ve gotten so much better and more efficient since then, it’s sort of like looking at naked baby photos. But they’re not going to pay me to redo things the way I’d do them today, and I’m not doing it gratis, so I guess supporting this old stuff is just something I’m going to have to get used to.

I did watch The Iron Giant this afternoon. It was terrific – beautiful old-school animation NOT greatly influenced by Japanese anime for a change (not that I dislike that stuff, I like it a lot, but it’s refreshing to not have characters with crazy giant eyes every once in a while). Great story and voice acting, as well. It’s scary how the paranoia and xenophobia depicted in 1957 America are still prevelant almost 50 years later. One curious fact is that the Ted Hughes novel that inspired this cartoon was also the inspiration behind Pete Townshend’s rock opera The Iron Man. I’m curious to read the book now. And that was indeed the first Vin Diesel film I’ve ever seen.

My copy of Superchunk’s Here’s Where The Strings Come In is scratched. I tried the toothpaste trick, but besides reducing the album’s chance of gingivitis and giving it a minty fresh scent, it hasn’t fixed much. I will have to find another copy, I guess.

Canada goes against Russia for gold in the World Junior Hockey tournament tonight, game at 7. Should be a good one, hopefully better than last year’s loss.

Man, weekend is over already. And next week is a full work week. And the one after that. And the following one. And… Dammit.

np – Superchunk / Here’s Where The Strings Come In

By : Frank Yang at 5:26 pm
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