Monday, January 20th, 2003

Bend To Squares

Gads. Getting back into the rock is both tiring and tough on the fingertips. Any callouses I had have apparently gotten soft and ineffective, cause my digits is sore. But it’s good to suffer for your art, or so I’m told. Rehearsals go well, I think we’ve shaken the rust of inactivity off and are ready to move forward. We’re getting more adventurous with our arrangements, and in a sonically pleasing way, I think and I hope. Putting together the core of a set and then we’ll keep adding to our repetioire – before you know it, we’ll actually be able to add and remove songs from the set at our leisure, and without needing four weeks of practice time beforehand! I’m now pestering Brad and Seventeen to start beating the bushes to get us some shows. I figure we won’t get anything before late March or April anyway, which is lots of time to get this beast fighting fit. Yessir.

Got the new issue of Magnet today, it’s the 2002 in review issue with Mr. Tom Petty on the cover. I love this magazine but it’s such a quick read, I’m usually done within a day or two. I wish they’d go monthly.

Cool site – The Covers Project is a database of cover songs, noting both songs that bands have covered as well as other bands which have covered a given band’s songs. Brilliant, especially for covers fans like myself. The only problem is that tracking down most of these songs is probably nigh impossible. Thanks to Catbirdseat for the link.

Homestar Runner has been down all day due to excessive bandwidth consumption. What’s especially distressing is the message I’m getting, which is a Yahoo placeholder page stating that the URL is no longer valid! It’s been confirmed that this is only temporary, and I will get to see this week’s Strong Bad email soon enough, but gaaaaaah. Gaaaaaah, I say.

np – Death Cab For Cutie / Something About Airplanes

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