Saturday, January 25th, 2003

6:00 PM

Does that look like a 24-related subject line? Well fancy that. I am now all caught up with season two. Judge me not. Random thoughts…

1) Kim is useless, and doesn’t really rate with me as eye candy, either. Something about stupid girls, I guess.

2) Everyone is evil. Evil evil evil.

3) Kate’s sister is pretty cute. Too bad she’s evil.

4) I genuinely feel bad for Mason. Poor Mason.

5) Almeida should really expand his dating pool outside the office.

6) why in god’s name is there no new episode this week? “State of the Union address”. Fer fuck’s sake. I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version… “Evil-doers… blah blah blah… Saddam is lying… blah blah blah… Freedom-loving peoples… blah blah blah… With us or against us… blah blah blah.” Insert random and numerous crimes against the English language anywhere you see fit. Chumps.


I was sort of productive today. Since this was the first not-totally-frigid weekend in a while, I took advantage of it and got out of the downtown core. Drove out along the Danforth to do some shopping – bought some drill bits, a new tuner and an old suitcase from the Goodwill that’s a perfect fit for my pedalboard. Which I’ve dismantled again. The way I see it, my pedalboard is my Bonsai tree. I find it almost meditative to sit and surround myself with tools and music electronics, and put it all back together. Keeps me out of trouble, anyway.

I am actually going out tonight, the first time I will be out in sort of social capacity in a few weeks. I haven’t deliberately been a shut-in, but none of the usual crowd seems to have been doing anything, and I couldn’t be arsed to call anyone. Plus it’s been utterly freezing out, which tends to diminish one’s motivation to leave the house.

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By : Frank Yang at 9:04 pm
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  1. kyle says:

    What do you think of season 2? The Kim story ruins it for me, but I think I enjoy Jack’s plotline more than in season 1.

  2. Frank says:

    Same here – except for Kim seemingly getting progressively dumber with each passing minute, I’m liking the rest of season two quite a lot. Jack is a more interesting character now that he’s not operating on the single motive of ‘save my family’. Darker, more ruthless, more unpredictable. Me likey. Not sure about the conspiracies around the President, making me believe that there’s a real good reason that people in the government would want this bomb to go off is a tough sell.

    Four new episodes all through February! I will be taking the phone off the hook Tuesday nights.