Thursday, December 26th, 2002

The Coyote Gospel

I re-read Grant Morrison’s complete 26-issue run on Animal Man this afternoon. Hard to believe these were originally published almost 15 years ago. This was my first venture beyond the realm of conventional superhero comics – while the characters and many situations depicted in the book were decidedly of the spandex persuasion, the stories and themes were not. Initially, a lot of the main focus was on animal rights, but by the end, it was a full-blown existential experience, with a terrific Deus Ex Machina in the final issue where Animal Man comes face to face with Morrison and the circumstances of his existance as a comic book character are laid down bare in front of him. I will confess that I wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate the depth of this book when I first started reading it – hell, I was 14 at the time – but I would say that I ‘get it’ now. Which is ironic, because now that Morrison has taken the scripting reins of my first four-colour love, X-Men, I don’t think I understand what he’s writing about again. It is my fate to be constantly 12 years behind the man, I guess.

np – Sleater-Kinney / One Beat

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