Monday, December 16th, 2002

Spec Bebop

For no particular reason, I am going to declare how much I love Yo La Tengo.

I love Yo La Tengo thiiiiiiiiiiis much. Georgia’s voice is like a big warm blanket you can wrap around you and curl up to sleep in at night.

Listening to I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One was one of the few things today that got me through the interminable drive from downtown to the northeast end of Mississauga – a drive that shouldn’t take longer than 30-35 minutes. Took me an hour fifteen. As always, the snowfall makes people go stupid and drive like little old ladies. It was good in a way, reminding me just why I never leave the city.

Getting there was only half the fun… spending the next eight hours in a boardroom being taught how to use the Microsoft CMS was the rest. And boy oh boy was it fun. Actually, it wasn’t that bad and it was definitely a meeting I needed to attend so as to address some project-related issues with the team from Washington state, but still. It was a looong day.

I think my eye is telling me that these disposable contacts are done…

np – Built To Spill / Perfect From Now On

By : Frank Yang at 8:08 pm
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