Saturday, December 7th, 2002

Sound + Vision

Some more site tweaks – if you look just to your left, you’ll see I’ve added some contact info, namely my IM IDs and email address. I’m hoping that putting the info in the title tags only will foil spammers, nothing clickable – just mouseover.

I’ve also edited the photo gallery so that the images don’t appear in pop-ups anymore, they’ll be displayed in the main browser window.

I’m also going to rotate mp3s in the radio section over in the sidebar, tunes I’m currently fixated on and feel like sharing with the world at large.

I’m noticing that has jacked up a lot of their prices. This, combined with this thread at the antiantenna message board points to what may be an alarming trend in the prices of indie releases in Canada. I generally had no problem for paying $18.98 or $19.98 for a new Merge or Matador release, but if the prices go up by three or four bucks across the board, well that’s just ain’t no good.

Today I need to do my Christmas shopping. Unless it’s cold in which case I will just hibernate.

np – Aimee Mann / Lost In Space

By : Frank Yang at 9:24 am
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  1. Kyle says:

    I wouldn’t count on the title tag keeping the spammers at bay. Use images!

  2. agnes says:

    i’d recemmond going to sonic unyon in hamilton if you’re searching for current indie releases. they’re usually priced between 18-22$ which isn’t bad.