Sunday, December 1st, 2002

Shoplifters Of The World

It’s nice to have one’s own personal shopper… Okay, it wasn’t quite like that but I was taken clothes shopping by Vic’s girlfriend Liz today. Or yesterday. I’d mentioned mostly in jest a few weeks ago how much I hate shopping for clothes because I never know what to buy, and she said she’d take me shopping – turns out she was serious. Terrific – my ideal shopping trip would be someone telling me what to buy (with my having veto power if necessary), and that was today. Came out of it with a couple sweaters and a shirt. Not a lot, but nice stuff that has the approval of someone besides myself since I don’t think I can be trusted on such matters.

After shopping we hooked up with Vic and Ian and ended up picking up booze and going back to my place, intending to watch Leon – The Professional. Instead we ordered pizza and got drunk. Some aborted attempts at drinking games, some geek computer talk (more Ian and Vic than me, I don’t know what they’re talking about). Sorta planned on going out, Kevin and Sudeep also came over under that pretense, but it was just more sitting around and drinking. Which is fine.

Dundas Square at Yonge and Dundas, across from the Eaton Centre, is now open. At least the fences have been taken down and people can wander around in it now. There’s… not much there. It’s a great big expanse of asphalt. Some benches, a canopy of some kind, but pretty barren. Not sure what the overall purpose of the ‘park’ is. It looks pretty much like the picture, but somehow I thought it’d look less gray. Maybe it was partly the dreary overcast weather today, though I can’t imagine it’d look much more vibrant in the sunlight. Colour me perplexed.

By : Frank Yang at 12:47 am
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  1. ian says:

    I have one word to say: PUSS-AAAY!

    I also pledge to tone down my use of that word, especially when drunk.

  2. Kate says:

    There’s fountains that will be used in the warmer months. Also, if they ever get off their asses and make anything in the perpetually "under construction" north-east corner, we will have more "times-square-ification" as so many Rye students refer to it.