Saturday, December 28th, 2002

Sad Little Moon

Someday I will perfect the over-easy egg. But that day was not today.

So this has been my least-spendy Boxing Day/Week ever, I think. 6 CDs overall – that’s hardly anything. Granted, there were probably at least that many more I could have gotten, but I can’t wipe out everything on my list in one fell swoop – where would that leave me? WITH NO REASON TO LIVE, that’s where. And yes, I am fully conscious of how sad that is.

But seriously, I am going to be dropping upwards of a couple grand in the next few months on a new computer, so I shouldn’t be too concerned about being thrifty right now. To say nothing of the fact that I will probably be paying taxes instead of getting a return for the first time ever this year, and need to finally contribute to my RRSP’s again (my other ones are doing job of losing money as is)…

Tonight is 517’s birthday party. Well his, as well as two other people I don’t know. I’m wondering how many people will be there – his place isn’t very big. Well it should be interesting, anyway. How many times have I gotten to say, “I’m in the band” in a social setting, anyway?

np – The Magnetic Fields / Holiday

By : Frank Yang at 5:34 pm
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