Sunday, December 29th, 2002

Plans Get Complex

New MP3 for this week, this time The Flaming Lips covering “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – I got this off a CD of material recorded live at XFM in London which came free with an old issue of Select.

Was at Five Seventeen’s birthday party last night, a pleasant, low-key affair. Despite raging allergies I played with his cat Jean for a good while. It was especially nice when she took a shine to my lap and just sat there for 10 minutes or so while I pet her. Furry animal therapy, good for the soul.

Bringing Azra her Christmas gift today and going to see Adaptation, or at least that’s the plan. A plan I’ve made before, to no avail…

Rolling Stone has posted their year-end critics lists. I admit to being surprised and unsurprised by the quality of the stuff listed – it just proves that the writers are being told what to promote as opposed to being able to discuss the music they actually like. Mags like RS get equal parts contempt and pity from me. Well, far more contempt really, but there’s still some pity.

np – All-Time Quarterback / All-Time Quarterback

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