Sunday, December 22nd, 2002

One Hour Photo

Caught a matinee of One Hour Photo this afternoon. It wasn’t on my ‘must-see’ list by any means, but I wasn’t avoiding it – I needed something to do this PM, and it fit the schedule.

I was not overly impressed. The direction was very art-house, stylized and stark, the score overbearing. I found Robin Willims’ performance vacant rather than sinister, his testament to the banality of evil was far more effective in Insomnia. Maybe playing against type in the same way twice in a year wasn’t such a good idea. Anyway, beyond that, what suspense was there just didn’t deliver. I don’t demand psychosis, but the climax of the film was both perplexing and uninteresting. Mark Romanek tries a last minute curveball to further explain Williams’ motivations, but it comes off as cliched and desperate. No recommendations for this film are coming from me.

np – Superdrag / Last Call For Vitriol

By : Frank Yang at 7:28 pm
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