Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002


So I’ve been going on about Longwave for a while now. Well, having just gotten back from their Toronto debut show, I can tell you I’ll be going on about them for a good while longer. Putting on a moderately-hyped band from NYC at 9:45 of a free music night seems a little odd, but I’m not complaining one bit.

These guys are the real deal – lazy music critic comparisons… Interpol without the overtly affected British influences. Longwave are less tightly wound and anxious than their hometown compatriats, but are just as or maybe even more explosive. Great songs and sonics, these guys are going to be ones to watch. Recently signed to RCA, their major-label debut The Strangest Things is out in February. They’re currently touring behind the Day Sleeper EP, produced by uber-producer Dave Fridmann.

Though it was a brief set, maybe 40 minutes, I’d say they won over the smallish crowd who’d braved the bitter cold to be there. The response was enthusiastic and deservedly so – I wouldn’t have wanted to be the acts following these guys.

Their stuff seems impossible to find in this city – the fact that they brought no merch across the border means that I’ll be placing an order somewhere to get their first album Endsongs and the EP ASAP.

I took a handful of pics at the show, view here.

np – Spoon / Kill The Moonlight

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