Sunday, December 8th, 2002

Leon The Professional

Finally got to sit down and watch Leon, The Professional. I’ve seen this before, though more than five years ago, and that was the North American version (simply titled The Professional). This edition boasts an extra 24 minutes of footage which for the life of me, I could not identify. There were scenes that I didn’t remember, but that went for a good chunk of the film overall. I remembered the beginning and the ending, and that’s about it. Jean Reno does well in the role that pretty much typecast him in North America (the stoic, mysterious Frenchman, armed to the teeth more often than not), Gary Oldman is twitchily psychotic (“DO YOU LIKE BEETHOVEN?!?”) as the evil DEA agent and what can you say about the very young Natalie Portman besides… well, she was very young then but she’s all growed up now. I enjoyed this movie more the first time around – this time it seemed more slight despite the additional footage, wherever it was. It’s always a mild disappointment when a film doesn’t hold up under repeated viewings.

Afterwards, swung by the Green Room to meet up with some of the usual crowd. Didn’t stay long – after an hour some of them wanted to go to Blow-Up so I just went home… not much in the dancing mood. I did stop by Second Spin on the way there and chanced upon the Starflyer 59 double disc best-of. An unexpected find but I’ll take it!

np – Starflyer 59 / Easy Come Easy Go 1994-2000

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