Friday, December 13th, 2002

Go, Man, Go

Five Seventeen has been asked if Lake Holiday wants to put a song on a compilation for The Unlike Label. I’m game, but am not sure if we’ve got anything worthwhile in the can right now, everything we’ve recorded may already be earmarked for something else. After all, we have to make sure there’s enough super-limited edition (read: ultra-low distribution) collectors items out there for the faithful after we become superstars. Also, Brad’s peeps down in Chicago are finally getting down to recording the drum tracks for the always-forthcoming album, hopefully we’ll have those to work with by the new year. Either way, it looks like there’s going to be more recording on the sched.

And in a related note, a deadline of next Thursday has been imposed for completing recording of those songs that we’ve been writing for God-knows-how-many-months now. Which means I better get liquored up and write some lyrics.

“Because you just said: ‘No

I’ve got somewhere else to go

And the plans I’ve made

Don’t include you, I’m afraid’

And that’s all that you would say”

— David Gedge, “Montreal”

np – The Wedding Present / Singles 1995-1997

By : Frank Yang at 10:43 am
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