Monday, December 9th, 2002

(Expletives Removed)

So I’m doing this entry in Notepad.

Vic is explaining to me on Messenger why it is that Nucleus decided to no longer write administrator cookies, requiring me to log in every single time I try to move around in the back-end of my site. I don’t understand what he’s saying.

What a night. Hell, what a day – after the initial 3.5 hours of meetings, I did get to have lunch. And then another 2.5 hours of meetings after that. Not an ideal Monday, but I suppose it was productive in the grand scheme of things. Happy enough to get out of there today, though.

Band practice was cancelled, again. scheduling is a bugbear, let me tell you. I’m pretty much writing off December, we’ll call it hibernation, but am sorta getting prepped for going full-on again come January. The night off did give me the opportunity to get some errands run, though. First I wanted to swing by Ring Music and grab a few feet of George L’s cables for rewiring my pedalboard – been meaning to get to that for over a month now, but never did. And I still haven’t, since Ring is closed on Mondays. Who knew.

I still swung by the rehearsal space and grabbed my board, though. There were some other setup issues I wanted to address, so I spent the better part of the evening knee-deep in cables, 3M Dual Lock and pedals. This is my idea of a fun night – rewiring a pedalboard and listening to the Weddoes. Too bad it went downhill after that…

Nucleus begins throwing up the aforementioned errors as I go in to make a new entry on my blog. No reason, I haven’t touched the code since this morning when it was working fine, but now it’s gotten testy. And when I go to look at the PHP files that the error is being generated in, I find that Homesite has decided to kack out like ColdFusion did last week. Or the week before. Or whenever, Either way, I had to completely uninstall Homesite and reinstall it to get it to work again. Which still didn’t help because my site was loading slower than frozen molasses moving uphill – a ping of my site yielded average response times of 2 seconds. Needless to say, I wasn’t getting access to my files at any great speed which again, was okay, since when I finally did get in, I confirmed that I had no idea how to troubleshoot the code. Enter Vic – there’s not many things better than having an unemployed friend who gets off on coding. He’s got nothing but time to debug my messes.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a cabin way out in the woods.

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