Sunday, December 22nd, 2002

Everyone Else Is Evolving

Had a Waterloo class reunion of sorts last night – the excuse was that Yolanda (soon to be Dr Yolanda) was back from Cambridge for the holidays and was in town, so all Tonka alumni in the GTA who were able got together at the James Joyce for beer and reminiscing. It’s funny, it didn’t matter that I hadn’t seen some of them for almost three years – within a few minutes it was just like a Wednesday night at the Bomber.

It was interesting getting caught up on news from the class, about 1/4 of us are now engaged or married. Shouldn’t be surprising, but still… Mona was there and freshly engaged. Quite an impressive rock on her finger, too.

Strangest moment of the evening took place just outside the pub – through the window, we could see this woman (we’ll call her crazy, for argument’s sake) who was flailing around on the street, grabbing passers-by and generally providing grade-A COPS material. At some point, she’d also taken off her pants and there didn’t seem to be any elastic waistband on her long-johns, cause every time she stood up, they came down, and let’s just say those long-johns were the last line of defence. And we got an eyeful. Several times. Uggggh. The police eventually showed up and took her away, but not before I, at least, was traumatized.

Won a copy of The Scud Mountain Boys’ Massachusetts on eBay last night for the princely sum of $2.25. Now that’s good eatin’.

np – Sigur Ros / ( )

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