Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

Ears Ring

There’s a track from the new Rainer Maria EP, Ears Ring, available for download on the Polyvinyl website. It’s surprisingly aggressive and tough-sounding – their past stuff was never wimpy but it had a more distinct naval-gazing tone than this new track. Part of it is that Caithlin De Marrais has found a lot more strength in the lower registers of her voice, there’s more oomph in what was once a thinner, more wavery voice. It’s an unexpected development but not unwelcome.

The new full-length is called Long Knives Drawn and is out January 21.

Finally dumped a load of tracks off the BR-532 and into Cool Edit Pro 2.0 for some mixing and effecting. They’re just short instrumental fragments, but still sorta fully realized and let’s be honest, I’m not doing any more work on them so I may as well mix them down, mp3 them and put them up for others to hear so I can free up the disk space for other stuff. I also added a phased/delayed slide intro to my other song, which I am still ostensibly working on. NOW it’s just short of lyrics and vocals… but even after more than a month, I still like the tune – that’s just unprecedented. Usually the stuff I write has a shelf life of maybe a week before I decide it’s crap and wipe it from existance.

Playing with the effects plug-ins on CEP2, I realized that I really have no idea what I’m doing. Too many parameters, not enough clue. My approach is to just turn knobs (figuratively) until it sounds interesting.

By : Frank Yang at 12:17 am
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