Thursday, December 12th, 2002

Dots And Loops

Had a different sort of band practice tonight, packed up the acoustic and hauled it over to casa del Seventeen. Ostensibly to learn some songs but it ended up a picking songs session. Since Seventeen has all the demos, final mixes and live tracks on his computer, we went through essentially our entire ‘catalog’ and picked out what we wanted to keep in the set, what we wanted to excise from memory. Came up with a good list of old and new stuff and burned some new CDs of demos. Also on the CD are the final (sort-of) mixes of “Awake Too Long” and our cover of The Magnetic Fields’ “Born On A Train”. They’re final mixes, but not – I will explain when I get the mp3s put up this weekend.

I also got a copy of Joe Pernice’s book of poetry Two Blind Pigeons from Seventeen, who had multiple copies sent to him for review in his Tape-Gun zine, which I don’t think he’s actually published in months if not years. What a great scam – set up a zine and people will send you all kinds of free shit. You won’t want most of it, but still.

Seventeen’s cat Jean took a shine to my lap tonight which would have been fine if she hadn’t just been found to have fleas. She had to settle for sleeping on the guitar case.

Lost out on that ebay auction for the first Longwave album so I had to buy it from Lunasea, which is fine since it’s about the same price as the ebay one and is new.

np – Low / Trust

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