Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

Don't Look Back

I had thought about going to see the free screening of the Bob Dylan documentary Don’t Look Back at the Bloor, but considering the linuep was almost to Bathurst at 6:30 and the show wasn’t till 9:30, I decided my evening would be better served doing almost anything else. Some other time, perhaps.

And that time actually was better served rewiring my pedalboard. Yeah, that is my idea of a fun night. Surrounded by tools and wire and solder. Whee! Quite satisfied with the results, though. Every cable is cut to length and tidy, and the sound quality from using much better cables is really audible. Happy happy. The choice to use soldered plugs instead of the $7-a-piece solderless plugs also turned out to not be a big deal, I figured out a system for building the cables lickety-split, it was actually really easy. I also bought a couple of 250K pots for the Telecaster but as Derek at Ring correctly speculated, the control knobs on my import Tele don’t fit the dimensions of the American-made pots. Which means I have to go back to the guitar shop for even more parts. It never ends.

I went to pick up some food for the food bank at the supermarket this evening, I’d been told that baby formula is always in short supply so I figured I’d get some of that. It was only when I got to the store that I realized I have no idea what baby formula is. Solid? Liquid? Gelatinous? Hoping there’s be big boxes marked ‘Baby Formula’ in large block letters was probably too much to hope for. Can anyone tell me exactly what I should be looking for? I never thought charity could be so confusing.

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By : Frank Yang at 10:02 pm
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  1. kyle says:

    Canned. Powder. Liquid too. Just find the baby section, you’ll see tons of it. You can buy it by the box, or per can. Similac is one of the more major brands.