Thursday, December 26th, 2002

BBC Radiophonic Workshop

So salvo one of the Boxing Week sales turned out to be pretty understated. As expected, came up empty through the Annex and did all my shopping at Rotate This, who kept in the festive spirit by offering a grand 25% off everything in the store. My acquisitions consisted of The Magnetic Fields’ Holiday, Sleater-Kinney’s One Beat and Doug Martsch’s Now You Know. Also grabbed some stuff for Kevin since he’s too lazy to come downtown and do his shopping himself. And I grabbed a used copy of Echo & The Bunnymen’s eponymous 1987 album at Penguin.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting more goodies as Soundscapes opens up with their Boxing Week sale, and I’ll also be hitting Silver Snail to load up on graphic novels. There will be more spending and bolstering of the local economy in the days to come, just not sure exactly what yet.

My typing is all dodgy as I adjust to this natural keyboard. I guess my typing habits were pretty poor before.

np – The Magnetic Fields / Holiday

By : Frank Yang at 3:57 pm
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