Monday, December 2nd, 2002

Back In The Saddle

After an almost interminable 2 weeks off, had band practice tonight. Our first with new drummer Pheobe who took to our stuff pretty quickly. Mind you, this was the first time we’d played a lot of our stuff since September so there was a lot of relearning material to be done. I’m taking this opportunity to make up new parts for a lot of our stuff. Even though we’re only keeping some of the songs we had been doing, I need to keep them interesting to me. I’m feeling comfortable ad-libbing a lot of stuff now, as opposed to the more planned-out parts I was doing a lot of the time. Which can either go really well or end in horror. And no one wants horror. I’m most pleased with our overhauled “Keeping You Away From Me”, which while it got the best response, was getting old and predictable. It’s probably no longer going to be the 8-minute plus epic it was, it’s a lot tighter and cleaner now. Still Velvets-informed, but less White Light White Heat, more Loaded. I’m excited about playing again.

Less exicted about this weather. Even after 27 winters, I still hate it. And I need a new touque, mine is way too small. Feels like it’s crushing my head.

What was nice tonight was getting ALL the rehearsal space rent money in one night. Everyone’s finally getting used to the idea of paying me at the start of the month! My bling-roll is all fat and pimpin’ now, yo. Part of the rent is a used copy of the Pavement Slow Century DVD which I will be selling to Kyle at a ridiculously inflated price, not that he’ll have any idea…

I am having an orange & cream Jones Soda . Interesting. It’s exactly as advertised. Orange cream soda. Who’d have thunk it?

np – Bettie Serveert / Tom Boy EP

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