Thursday, November 28th, 2002

Viewed Askewed

Watched Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. Urmm. Not worth spending too much time discussing. Liked – monkey content, Shannon Elizabeth and Eliza Dushku a) in leather cat suits and b) wrasslin’, the genuine albeit lowbrow satirical content. And that’s about it. Yeah.

I think my main complaint is that Smith doesn’t stand behind his work. Explain? He hedges his bets all the way through – on more than a few occasions, the characters would crack a joke about how stupid this movie was, then mug at the camera knowingly. It’s like Smith was leaving himself get-out-of-criticism-free cards so if anyone complained the film was dumb or sub-par, he could just say, “Even I knew it was stupid, you complaints are wasted on me!”. The overall impression I got was that he wasn’t willing to stand behind his work 100% or that he didn’t care that there was material in there that he knew wasn’t up to snuff. And I’m sorry, but I can’t accept that.

Look at me, panties all in a bunch over the artistic intent of Kevin Smith. But I think that’s been my overriding complaint with all his work – it’s never as good as it could be because of creator carelessness or indifference. It’s like when he was the writer on Daredevil – the work was good, but as one guy put it, ‘he’s the biggest pot-head in the industry’, and successfully turned a monthly comic into maybe 8 issues a year. Sorry man, but that just sucks. Anyway.

By : Frank Yang at 9:55 pm
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