Monday, November 4th, 2002

Round & Round

Band practice tonight was great fun. Centred around what was probably 20 minutes plus of just jamming. Got a basic drum pattern going from my Yamaha keyboard (well, Enrico’s Yamaha keyboard) and Five Seventeen started knocking out a Joy Division-esque bassline… and it was all over. Something about that sort of groove just sends me over the moon – New Order redux. We were doing cool syncopated slashing guitar rhythms, new wave-y synth leads, ultra-simple yet effective lead bits, sampled loops. So much fun it oughta be illegal. This is a facet that I definitely want to incorporate into our sound. It would make us unstoppable. Well, except that we don’t have a drummer… The search must begin in earnest! This, I command!

I’m just worn out now. I should do some more work on my song, ideally it’ll be in a state that I can at least bring the multitrack down to practice Thursday and play the song – with melody lines – for everyone. I figure after adding the main guitar figures, I need some percussion (drums not going to happen at this stage), bass and oh yeah, vocals. Which will require lyrics. Something else to look into.

np – Matthew Sweet / 100% Fun

By : Frank Yang at 10:26 pm
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