Tuesday, November 26th, 2002


Well this is disappointing. My headphones have just decided to kack out – I now get the left channel out of both sides of the headphone. Not much use if I’m listening to anything recorded after 1965 or so. Looks like I’ll be making an unscheduled stop off in the electronics stores on Yonge St on my way home.

Speaking of my British guitar heroes, I posted a message on Bernard Butler’s message board asking if the release of a ‘Falling’ single meant that a domestic release of the McAlmont & Butler album Bring It Back was far behind? Well Bernard said it is, apologized for my having to pay import prices (I will actually head to ebay, but whatever) and told me to rip EMI a new one for only releasing the single domestically. Nimrods. But still, it’s nice to establish some sort of dialogue with one of my favorite guitarists of the last 10 years. He also asked if I knew the Hidden Cameras – I don’t personally, but the guys in my band do… Five Seventeen is roommates with one of the Cameras and did some mastering work on their indie releases. How cool is that?

np – Superdrag / Last Call For Vitriol

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