Wednesday, November 6th, 2002

Free Winona

Poor Winona. She just needs someone to take care of her.

Why do people always call me during West Wing Wednesdays? Don’t thiey understand that’s just not right? 3 calls within the first 20 minutes… yes, I can be terse on the phone. Sorry, Mom.

Checked out the details of the New Order box set out next month, doesn’t look like there’s anything there I don’t have or want, particuarly. Singles, remixes, yawn. One less big ticket item I have to concern myself with.

Placing an order to Columbia House for a whack of stuff, mostly for Kyle. All I’m getting is the Velvet Underground box set.

Success in coming up with that elusive verse riff! It’s all starting to come together. I must resist the urge to bury everything in 50 tracks of guitar, though. Restraint!

np – New Order / Republic

By : Frank Yang at 11:59 pm
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