Tuesday, November 26th, 2002

Everything Falls Apart

What a night. 11 hours and my computer isn’t completely defragged. I stop it at around 80% cause I’ve got work to do and it’s only my storage drive – my programs drive is fully defragged and that’s what really matters. So after I give it an ol’ reboot, I kick up Cold Fusion Studio so I can go get some freelance stuff I’ve been procrastinating on done. Well guess what no longer works? I get as far as the title screen and then the thing just hangs. Okay, reboot again. Same result. This sucks – short term, I need to get this work done NOW and long term, I need this software! I no longer have the install files anywhere, so it’s time to go digging in the great online software black market (aka Kazaa for a new copy. Long story short (too late!) it takes me five hours to get a working copy downloaded and installed. During this time, I manage to install and uninstall about three different versions (didn’t work either) and set up a server on my computer (unwittingly). Finally, I get a copy of Homesite 5.0 to run. Geez Louise. First my headphones and then this…

On top of that, for some reason the postman couldn’t/wouldn’t deliver my packages from Columbia House today, and even though there’s no duty on the packages and no earthly reason he couldn’t just leave them at the security desk, my CDs are now sitting at a post office that has the exact same working hours as I do. Meaning I will have to either head up to Bloor and Avenue on lunch hour or take off early from work. I could just wait till Saturday but I want to make sure the billing is correct, and sooner is better than later. Sonofabitch.

My new headphones are nice, though.

I will be going to sleep early tonight.

np – Ryan Adams / Heartbreaker

By : Frank Yang at 11:01 pm
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