Monday, November 25th, 2002


Swung by Mark’s not-so-new-anymore pad after work today. He’s been there three months now and I’d not ventured into the hinterlands of Yonge and Lawrence to check it out till now. It’s very nice. Chi-chi neighbourhood. Didn’t see a single porn shop, very unlike my section of Yonge. I borrowed a stack of DVDs – Amelie, Luc Besson’s best film Leon : The Professional, which I’ve only seen in its tamed-down North American version and Baise Moi, which apparently I need to see just to witness what is so offensive that even the French would ban it. And to offset this deluge of highbrow foreign film-ness, I took Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back… a good dose of Hollywood numbskullery to offset the rest.

I also borrowed Neil Gaiman’s new children’s book, Coraline. Of course, any children’s book by Neil Gaiman won’t just be for children. As a bonus, the illustrations are done by Dave McKean. For long-time Gaiman fans, it doesn’t get better than this. Or maybe it does, I’ll comment after I’m done reading it. Probably tonight…

Best part of the evening was watching Derek get interviewed by the guys from The Discovery Channel for a show they’re doing on music piracy. They were set up in the apartment filming Derek ripping supposedly copy-protected CDs, downloading off the internet, etc. This is his moment of glory, and could well land him in jail… The irony of it is, Derek doesn’t actually rip CDs because he doesn’t own any. He just downloads it all. But that’s semantics.

np – Interpol / Turn On The Bright Lights

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