Friday, November 22nd, 2002

Big Bottom

After about two weeks, I’ve finally gotten back to the songwriting thing. Since Five Seventeen laid down his bass track, I’ve just let the thing sit even though I knew I still had to a) redo his parts, b) redo the intro solo and c) write some goddamn lyrics for the thing.

Well one and a half out of three ain’t bad. I’ve put down quite a nice bass part, I think, and more impressively I did it quickly. Three takes, maybe? I’m getting better at this playing with the tape running thing – once upon a not too long ago I’d have needed a dozen takes to get anywhere close to the same results. I tried messing around with the intro but nothing really satisfactory was catching my ear. I’ll give it a day, come back to it tomorrow. As for lyrics… ha. Whatever.

What’s made me happiest about this is that even after leaving it alone for a fortnight, I still like the piece. I do hear more performance mistakes than I did before, but I can live with it. The song and arrangement itself I still think works. Unprecedented.

I have decided that triumvirate of little instrumental pieces I did aren’t going to get any better, so I may as well dump the from the recorder, mix them down and encode the things for all to hear. No need to make them out to be any more than they are – some short, off-the-cuff ideas that didn’t easily morph into something more fully realized. But not bad for what they are.

np – Luna / Romantica

By : Frank Yang at 10:31 pm
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