Sunday, November 24th, 2002

Baby Goes To 11

This is why I like Flash N Crash Music up on Bloor… I finally got around to selling my CDs and as they say ‘Up To $8 A Disc’ and target a certain music audience (people like me), I figured it’d be my best bet for a one stop unload of all my stuff. As I’m pulling the stuff out of my bag, the guy’s eyes bug out when he sees I’m ditching all my Galaxie 500 and Velvet Underground stuff. Before he reaches over the counter to beat me over the head (he said he was going to) I tell him that it’s okay, I’ve got the box sets now. This appeases his sense of good taste and music snobbery… I should have told him I needed the money for a Christina Aguilera DVD or something. He would have gone apoplectic. But I did indeed get top dollar for my stuff, more than I expected, and he took it all. Easy peasy. As a bonus, when I walked by the outside of the store later, they had the melodious strains of G500 coming out the speakers. It’s always nice to bring a little joy to the world.

You’d think with all that scratch burning a hole in my pocket I’d have gone buck-nutty and blown it all on cheap whores and booze, right? Close, I did score Superdrag’s Last Call For Vitriol and Starflyer 59’s Leave Here A Stranger at Sonic Boom. Been looking for the Superdrag for a while and I’ve meant to investigate SF59, so a good haul.

At Sonic Boom I asked Brad to snag the poster promoting Bea Arthur’s 2-week stand at the Elgin Winter Garden Theatre for our rehearsal space – because nothing is more inspiring than the head Golden Girl – but he said someone had already come in and begged them for the poster whenever it came down. Seriously.

np – Superdrag / Last Call For Vitriol

By : Frank Yang at 5:33 pm
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