Tuesday, November 19th, 2002

You Could Make A Killing

Aimee Mann guest-starred on tonight’s Buffy as herself. She got to do a little more than just provide aural wallpaper as most musical guests on the show do. Besides getting to react to a fight going on in the Bronze, she got a nifty one-liner – “I hate playing these vampire towns”. Neat. The editing of her scenes were poorly done though. Someone seemed to think that lots of fast cuts between Spike beating the tar out of another vampire and showing the band playing would make for good viewing. Much as I love the music, her stuff isn’t really action movie soundtrack material. Oh there’s a deadly roundhouse kick! Now there’s a closeup of Buddy Judge taking a solo! Karate chop! Sheesh.

The little guy in the corner is available here. I don’t know what the deal with it is, but I like it.

np – Fountains Of Wayne / Fountains Of Wayne

By : Frank Yang at 11:58 pm
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