Monday, November 18th, 2002

A Better Version Of Me

Notice anything different? No? That’s probably because I couldn’t come up with any sort of design changes of any earth-shattering ideas, and really – if you’re not shattering the earth, then what’s the point? So I’ve settled for tweaking the colours – the background grey is a little lighter now and the text against it is more readable (hopefully) and there’s snazzy blue trim – lets call them racing stripes – between the black header and footer.

It’s Malibu Stacy, and she’s got a new hat!

I still intend to overhaul this thing completely, though.

No band practice this week, which suits me fine, as I’m pretty beat after work. Apparently Pheobe Electric Shoes has consented to be our drummer, this is good news. What this’ll do to our rehearsal schedule, I dunno, but if actually start making progress musically then I’ll show up at midnights on Saturday nights if need be.

I am just tired. Geez.

np – Beulah / When Your Heartstrings Break

By : Frank Yang at 8:54 pm
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