Saturday, November 16th, 2002

Browser Bullshit

Sometimes its best to just leave well enough alone. I’ve been running Mozilla 1.2a for a while now and enjoying it just fine. Then for reasons alien to me, I decide to upgrade to 1.2b. b is more than a, right? And more is always better.

Well bollocks to that. After upgrading, I find I can no longer download anything through the browser. I can right-click on an image and say save, set a target, but no download manager appears, file doesn’t get saved. WTF? I downgrade back to 1.2a, and now Mozilla won’t even start. I get the image of the little fire-breathing dragon guy, but that’s it. There’s some nonsense with the quick-loader in the system tray going on as well, but all-in-all, no browsing joy. I begin to get horrifying visions of having to go back to IE with tail tucked between my legs…

Let’s try Opera again. Well that’s a non-starter. It installs alright (including a massive Java plugin that makes me nervous, I think I have like 3 or 4 Java plugins installed on my machine already) but crashes everytime I try to load chromewaves. Nuts to that, uninstall.

An endless sequence of install 1.2a, uninstall, install 1.2b, uninstall, lather, rinse, repeat (with a few reboots thrown in for good measure) I go back to the source – 1.0.1. Purportedly the most stable version. Well it seems to be running fine now, got my little XUL Planet toolbar installed again, all seems well. And I can download again! I don’t know what the differences between 1.0.1 and 1.2 are supposed to be, but I’ll happily stick with the one that works for now. The build is only a few months old anyway so it’s not like I’m living in the dark ages using Mosaic or anything.

While I was in a browser frenzy, I also grabbed the install download for Netscape 7.0 though after the bullshit of this monrning I don’t know if I’m in any rush to put more crappy software on my system.

Moral of the story? Ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Addendum – Installed Netscape 7.0 after all. It looks and operates exactly like Mozilla. Even ported over all my settings. I haven’t checked if it’s as fully compliant as Mozilla, but at first glance it looks good (excepting all the tacked on AOL nonsense). The next version of IE better kick ass or I see the pendulum swinging back the other way…

np – Matthew Sweet / Altered Beast

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