Friday, November 15th, 2002

Technical Difficulaties

Thanks to a rogue quotation mark, I have a messed up entry that I can’t get rid of. I’ve already erased a couple of todays posts trying to corner it, but it won’t be beat. I’ll repost the one I managed to save here and hopefully this thing won’t cause anymore problems…

Addendum – looks like that the edit mode in IE works better with Blogger than Mozilla. All fixed now, only one lost post overall.

>> 30 Gallon Tank (originally posted 12:40pm)

Breakfast has turned into lunch. I am all full of Timbits

The massive Columbia House order I placed on behalf of Kyle (with the Velvet Underground box set for me) last week never went through, as I suspected. Online ordering my ass. I re-ordered over the phone, so all should be good.

Speaking of Kyle, he’s gone to pick up the two Elf Power discs and the one Tobin Sprout disc I’d ordered from Beat Goes On. Of course, I have no idea when he’ll be in Toronto next or I’ll be in Oakville.

np – Spoon / A Series Of Sneaks

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