Friday, November 15th, 2002

She Bangs The Drums

Band practice was sort of a drawn-out, do-nothing evening. Brad had been down in the practice space all day doing some recording. Five Seventeen brought some mixes he’d done of ‘Awake Too Long’ that for the most part, sounded really good. My guitar sounded like explosives detonating in the left channel, I liked! Reminded me of Albini guitar sounds. The whole mix was a little heavy on the reverb though, and sounded washed out at points. Brad is going to do a little more remixing with a lighter touch on the effects, hopefully we’ll nail this one down soon.

Otherwise, we just sat around for the most part. I dare say my drumming improves everytime I get behind the kit. I still can’t play to save my life, but I’m exponentially better than I was, say, six months ago. After Seventeen left Brad and I tried to put together another Wonder What That Light Is. We set up the room the same way, with a single condenser mic hanging in the middle of the room, me on guitar and Brad behind the drums… Well, you can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice, I guess. I got some cool sounds down with the ebow and tremolo, but it didn’t really go anywhere. We got two tracks down and it was starting to sound like a bad Mogwai outtake when the recorder decided it didn’t want to record anymore and essentially shut us down for the night. Probably for the best. There might be some bits that was can salvage and splice in as bridging tracks, but for the most part utterly disposable. I guess I didn’t have the same inspiration tonight as I did when we recorded “…Light”, which suits me fine cause I don’t necessarily want to get back into that headspace again anytime soon. Nuff said.

So after that we headed to the B-Side to catch the Electric Shoes, whose drummer we hope to enlist into Lake Holiday. Her name is Pheobe and while not a flashy drummer, she’s got excellent time and a great touch on the kick drum. It’d be very interesting to see how her stripped-down punkish-style of playing would gel with what we’re doing, though we’ve always rearranged our sound around the drummer. With Azra it was a lighter pop feel, with Craig a more rock/emo sort of approach. And whenever we’ve used the drum machine, it’s nutty dance-y music. We’re nothing if not versitile.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get Pheobe out to a rehearsal to jam a bit and see how that goes. Cause dammit we need a drummer…

Lost the eBay auction for the Longwave CD. I do hope they bring merch with them to their show at the Horseshoe cause their stuff is proving pretty tough to locate up here.

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