Tuesday, November 12th, 2002

Power, Corruption and Lies

I was going to say something to the effect of, “I love MySQL-Front, it’s like being in God mode,” but horror of horrors, it seems development of MySQL-Front has been discontinued?!? There’s a new product call MyFrontEnd that I will have to investigate… but for now I will mourn the demise of one of my favorite little apps.

I am listening to the New Order BBC Radio 1 Live disc… I love this band but dear God, Bernard Sumner has some issues with singing live. He whoops and slurs and pitch seems to be little more than a vague suggestion. His guitar playing is pretty sloppy as well, which implies that Barney’s high on maybe a little more than just life? I’ve heard from more than one source that New Order were a dubious proposition live. I don’t think I need much more proof.

np – New Order / BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert

By : Frank Yang at 2:52 pm
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