Sunday, November 10th, 2002

Shaolin Soccer

By far one of the nuttiest movies I’ve seen in a while. This one had it all – good versus evil, martial arts, betrayal, redepmtion, familial duty, yellow cards… Basic plot summary – a family of Shaolin-trained brothers enters a soccer tournament to gain family honour and win cash. Hijinks ensue.

The subtitling was dubious at best and some of the effects delightfully cheesy (Industrial Light & Magic it wasn’t) but the sheer energy and enthusiasm of everyone in the film made those quirks endearing rather than annoying. The signature over-the-top-ness of Hong Kong cinema is very much in evidence here… If you’re not scratching your head wondering, ‘what the hell?’ you’re laughing your ass off. Recommended.

…In other news, the Leafs and Raptors suck. I need a new city.

np – Ryan Adams / Demolition

By : Frank Yang at 12:21 pm
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