Tuesday, November 5th, 2002

I Assassin Down The Avenue

Finally made the long 5-minute walk to the Carlton to see ‘I Am Trying To Break Your Heart‘. Being the Wilco band slut (thanks to Dave for the phrase) that I am, I can’t really offer an unbiased review, so once again in lieu of well thought out discourse, I will spit out random thoughts. Because random thoughts are the very best kind.

1) Jay Bennett really is made out to be an incoherent ninny. His dismissal from the band is set up well in advance and while he’s not made out to be a villain of the piece, he’s certainly not cast in a very favorable light. And he’s really pretty fat.
2) Speaking of fat, Jeff Tweedy has quite the gut on him.
3) Was pleased to see Jeff wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs sweatshirt in much of the film. Who knew?
4) I am reminded why I never try to get backstage after a show. The scene where Jeff does a meet’n’greet after a solo show in San Francisco demonstrates just how utterly inane most attempts at small talk with an artist can be. If you don’t actually have something to say… shut the fuck up. Painful.
5) The music was terrific, though two guitars work better than two keyboards… It was interesting to watch the YHF material evolve over time.
6) Still no one has explained to me what the hell that thing that Glenn Kotche has in his mouth during ‘Reservations’ is…

Having followed the YHF label saga since it’s beginning last summer, none of that material was new to me though it was enlightening to hear and see the POVs of all the principals involved at the time. And I’m the last person who needs to see more evidence of the folly of the music industry.

Good film. I will own the DVD.

In other non-Wilco related news… Good news – The Leafs actually came from behind and won tonight! Bad news – at this moment, the Republicans are beating the Democrats for control on the Senate.

Go Leafs!

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