Sunday, November 3rd, 2002

Learning To Crawl

And the pictures from yesterday’s Subway Pub Crawl are now up.

This was my third one of these, and I begin to understand Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon films when he says, “I’m too old for this sh!t”. I did manage to imbibe at 9 of the 12 stations, way more than I’ve done in the past. There might well be a correlation between having an income and my willingness to blow large portions of it on alchohol.

You’ll not that there’s a lack of photographic evidence for King, Queen and College stations. If you’re guessing those shots have been confiscated by the local constabulary as evidence, well… The hijinks from last year were downgraded to mere shenanigans, but I think we still left an impression on the management of certain establishments that will remain unnamed.

I got home at a reasonable hour (1:30-ish) but was feeling the net effects of the day this morning. Nothing that a good greasy breakfast couldn’t take care of. Picked up a copy of Paul Auster’s ‘The New York Trilogy’. Buying books the morning after an all-day pissfest just seems like the appropriate thing to do.

np – Galaxie 500 / The Portable Galaxie 500

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