Thursday, October 10th, 2002

Night Of The Chill Blue

Now that’s a season opener. Leafs trounce Pittsburgh 6-0, the top line of Mats, Mogilny and Tucker going medieval on the Pens for 11 points combined. Note to self – move Mogilny up on the draft list! Yeah. Shutout for Belfour… the ‘Belfour = poo’ tag may have to come down if he keeps this up.

Fun recording session tonight. Laura put keyboards down on both ‘Awake Too Long’ and ‘Born On A Train’. Had some fun trying different keyboard patches through various effects pedals. The more instruments we lay on top of ‘Awake’ the less the erratic tempo bothers me. Or I could just be getting used to it. We’re hoping to do some quantizing of the track before we get too much into mixing just to correct some of the more glaring errors. It’d be a shame to ditch the track because the tones and performances (tempo notwithstanding) are really pretty good. ‘Train’ is sounding really good though. Maybe we should just become a cover band that plays covers only we want to hear?

Today totally should have been Friday. I need this week to be done…

np – Superchunk / Indoor Living

By : Frank Yang at 10:20 pm
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