Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002

"Dashed Good Try, Sir!"

Finally acquired the paperback of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen this afternoon. Well, finally may not be quite accurate since it’s only been available in paperback for a week or so – but I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, so ‘finally’ seems appropriate.

For the uninitiated, it’s a graphic novel (or comic, I’m not precious) by the legendary Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill detailing what’s basically a super-hero team comprised of Allan Quartermain, Mina Murray (nee Harker), Captain Nemo, Hawley Griffin (a man of questionable visibility), Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr Edward Hyde. Brilliant concept and Alan Moore is just the man to execute. They’re making a movie version with Sean Connery.

Am going to see Elf Power in a couple hours. Dang weeknight concerts, almost seem more obligation than event particularly when attended solo. Oh well, hopefully it’ll be a good show. Can pick up a couple CDs either way.

np – Elf Power / Creatures (natch)

By : Frank Yang at 9:53 pm
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